Blue-footed Booby Day 2011

Blue-footed Booby Day was on Friday 17 June 2011. Thanks to all who joined us in making this year even better than the last!

It's still not too late to donate, just text BFBD11 £2 (or any amount up to £10) to 70070 to show your support for Galapagos!

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The 2011 Celebrations!

See how our supporters joined in with the fun, helping us to protect the amazing wildlife of Galapagos by celebrating these fascinating birds. Highlights include Booby Zumba, the Art Competition and our Auction.

Blue Feet Art Competition

See the entries for our Blue Feet Art Competition in aid of Blue-footed Booby Day. Well done to our 3 winners! If you haven't already, add us on facebook for more GCT pics and to keep up with Galapagos issues.

Booby Footage

Impressed by those suave Boobies? Fancy learning that special Booby dance? Take a leaf out of the expert's book and take a look at our Booby footage (both animated and real)! Get down and Booby boogie!


Protect these amazing birds and their surrounding habitat by donating whatever you can now. The money you raise goes towards essential projects in Galapagos working towards a sustainable future.

Courting Boobies © Chris Deeney Blue-footed Booby Facts

Did you know that male and female boobies are told apart by the size of their pupils? And that their courtship begins after the gift of a stick is given? Find out all you need to know about these remarkable creatures!

Blue-footed Boobies David Hitchcock Adopt a Booby

For a unique gift, why not adopt a Blue-footed Booby for a loved one (or even yourself!) to show your support for the Galapagos and the amazing wildlife that lives there? Thank you for your support.