Galapagos Photography Competition

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Welcome to the Galapagos Conservation Trust's 2014 Photography Competition. In the 14 years that we have been running this competition we have had some stunning shots sent in by our supporters. Every year we our surprised and impressed by the diversity and quality of the images sent in and we expect this year to be no different. 

If you have been lucky enough to visit the Enchanted Isles and have managed to capture some of the Archipelago's stunning natural beauty through the lens, why not enter our competition and see what the judges say!

Competition Details

As always, this year's competition aims to celebrate the art of photography, whilst showcasing the extraordinary natural history of Galapagos. Images should be unique, interesting, engaging and well-composed, and should be entered under one of the following competition categories:

1. Animal Portrait

Entries should illustrate the natural essence, character, and personality of an animal in its Galapagos habitat. This could be a stunning shot of one of the Archipelago's more common and iconic species, or an interesting image of a lesser known or photographed animal.

2. Animal Behaviour

Entries should demonstrate a particular aspect of an animal's natural behaviour. This could be an unusual behaviour rarely seen or a common behaviour depicted in an interesting and inspired way.

3. Landscape

Entries should highlight the natural beauty of the Galapagos landscape. With its volcanic highlands, sloping forests, rocky shores, cliffs, beaches, lagoons and lava flows, Galapagos provides ample opportunities for images in this category.

4. Botanical

Entries should capture the beauty and unique characteristics of botanical subjects in Galapagos. From cacti and mangrove trees to algae and lichen, judges will look for careful composition and pin-sharp focus.

5. Man in the Archipelago

Entries should showcase any aspect of human presence, influence, or activity in Galapagos. This could be scientists conducting cutting-edge research in the field, locals going about their everyday life, tourists enjoying what the Islands have to offer, or a depiction of one of man's more sinister impacts in the Archipelago.  

Entry Details

All entries must be received by midnight on the 31st July 2014.

Whilst entry into this photography competition is free, we encourage entrants to make a donation to the Galapagos Conservation Trust (£5 per entry is recommended). Your donations will support one of our many projects in the Galapagos Islands.

Entrants may submit a maximum of five images. Each image must only be submitted into a single category, for example, the same image cannot be submitted into both the Animal Portraits and the Animal Behaviour categories. Entrants may enter all five images into a single category, or select different categories for different images, but the total number of images submitted must not exceed five. 

We would encourage entrants to submit images covering a range of subjects, rather than five images of a single species.

Images may be colour or black and white.

Only digital images greater than 2MB and 1600 pixels on the shortest edge will be accepted. 

PLEASE NOTE: For the chance to be included in the GCT Calendar, images must have a landscape orientation. Portrait-orientated images will still be accepted for the competition but cannot be included in the calendar.

To enter the competition:


The overall winner of the competition will receive a signed, 1st edition of Henry Nicholls' new book The Galapagos: A Natural History and the winning image will appear in the 2015 GCT calendar. The winner of each category in the competition will receive a copy of GCT's 2015 calendar and the winning images, as well as the runner-up images for each category, will appear on GCT's website.

Judging Process

A selection of the best images will be short-listed by GCT staff and passed onto a panel of experts for further judging. Judges will consider the originality, composition, clarity, technical excellence, overall impact, and artistic merit of each of the short-listed images. They will subsequently select an overall winning and runner-up image, as well as a winner and a runner-up for each of the five categories.


  • Tui De Roy - Photographer, author and conservationist who has grown up in the Galapagos Islands and has a huge wealth of experience photographing Galapagos wildlife and scenery. Tui has written a number of beautifully illustrated books on Galapagos.
  • Pete Oxford - Naturalist, biologist, photographer, conservationist, author, and licensed National Park Guide. Pete has written two books on the Galapagos and currently lives in Ecuador.
  • Denise Ippolito - Photographer, photography workshop leader and artist from New Jersey. Denise has visited Galapagos several times as a photo tour co-leader and specialises in fine art photography.

Winners will be announced at the earliest date possible after the competition close date (please bear in mind that all of our judges are very active professional photographers and may be in the field and thus incommunicado for extended periods of time. We therefore ask for your patience on this announcement). The winning and runner-up images for each category will appear on the website, and the photographers notified by email.

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