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Daniel Gaydon

Dan dreamt of visiting the Galapagos and during his 2005 South America trip he got the chance. He was a keen photographer and took some amazing shots of the wildlife (see below). One of the highlights of his trip was being waist deep in the sea when a small reef shark swam around him. He loved his experience in the Galapagos and had wanted to return as a qualified divemaster. He had been a member of GCT ever since his visit.

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Amount raised so far: £2,397.37


  • Money raised from the 2010 Tiggy and Dan memorial football match in Minehead
    David Gaydon

  • Tiggy Taylor & Dan's memorial football match 2009 at Minehead Football Club
    David Gaydon

  • Dave Gaydon's 60th birthday party donations
    David Gaydon

  • Sponsorship of Elaine's half marathon!
    Sue Munslow

  • In memory of Dan and in support of Elaine's Half Marathon efforts.
    Rita & Alan Elliott

  • Congrats on your 1st Half Marathon Elaine.  Woody, Hayley and Jake x
    Ian Woodward

  • Given in your memory, Dan, in support of Elaine's half marathon.
    Laura, Stuart, Isabella & Amelia xXx

    Laura Weaver

  • Glad you got to see out your dream Dan RIP x
    Robbie Allen

  • Elaine - have fun on run to the beat xx
    Cath James

  • I wish I had the chance to get to know Dan better. Dawn x
    Dawn Kelvey

  • Dan, thinking of you always.  Elaine, good luck with the run.  Love Richard & David
    Richard Robson

  • Missing you loads x
    Katherine Hobbs

  • Sponsorship for Elaine's half marathon efforts - Run with the Beat!  Good luck Elaine!!  Love Kathy and Stu xx
    Kathy Ashford

  • Elaine, good luck with run to the beat, sponsor money in memory of Dan, Rach x
    Rachel Cutler

  • Adrian Horner

  • Margaret Fortune

  • Dan, in memory of you on your Dad's birthday, he wouldn't accept a present, so money given in your memory xx
    Rachel & Steve Cutler

  • Donation from Dan's Friend

  • Funds raised from Tiggy Taylor and Dan's Memorial football match April 2008

  • Monies raised so far from the sale of Daniel Gaydon tribute tops by Colony IV

  • Thanks to all who contributed. We love you Dano.
    This money was raised at Farm Fest 2007

  • Funds raised from Tiggy Taylor and Dan's Memorial football day 6/4/07 at Minehead Football Club


Galapagos Sea Lion and Sally Light Foot Crab Marine Iguana

Beautiful images taken by Daniel when he visited the Galapagos Islands

Special reference number: 070509