Tortoise Club for Schools & Groups

Smiling Giant Tortoise (c) Abigail RowleyThe Galapagos Conservation Trust not only raises funds for the Islands, but also awareness.  And where better to do this than in the classroom? 

Our Tortoise Club for Schools is a scheme which has been running for the past six years and last year opened up to groups and individual members too.  Since then, the Club has gone from strength to strength with loads of classes signed up as members learning about the importance of conservation as a whole through the inspirational creatures of Galapagos. 

The interactive scheme equips teachers with all the information they need along with fun materials to really get the children interested, such as the 'Adopt a Tortoise' pack received upon enrollment to prove that they are supporting a Galapagos Giant Tortoise at the Breeding Centre in Galapagos. They can follow the progress of the hatchlings until they are released back into the wild.  "The children adore receiving Tortoise Club updates and are always asking how their tortoise, who we named Blue, is doing!" says Mrs Johnson from Fell Dyke Primary School in Gateshead.

Tortoise Days

Schools are also encouraged to host their own Tortoise Day. GCT can help to arrange the involvement of experts who can take tortoises and other exotic beasties for the children to hold while learning about tortoise husbandry and the importance of protecting their giant overseas relatives!

Galapagos in the Creative Curriculum: Bourn Primary School, Cambridge

Iguanas in the Assembly! (c) Bourn Primary SchoolHere at GCT, we think that environmental education is crucial to ensure that the next generation are aware of conservation issues and develop into environmentally responsible individuals and conscientious tourists.  We are always interested in the different ways that classes can use Galapagos topics as part of the curriculum but as you will soon see, the Bourn Primary School in Cambridgeshire have truly out-done themselves...

We are very excited to share with you the brilliant work from the pupils and teachers over at Bourn Primary School.  They have completed a marvelous project on all things Galapagos highlighting the plight of the people and wildlife that live there.  From learning about unique species, debating tourism and learning about the lives of Island people to learning about Charles Darwin and producing top-notch artwork, these guys have truly impressed all of us here at GCT!  Many thanks to Assistant Head Teacher Rachel Baxter and to Bourn School for allowing us to share their experiences to help inspire more classes!

Check out their website here for some great ways that Galapagos issues can be incorporated into the curriculum.  Can your school top the Galapagos-themed Olympic games?!  The passion shown for the subject is truly inspirational, well done guys!

Joining Up

Tortoise Club for Schools & Groups costs just £35 to sign up one class or group for the whole year.

For further information, please contact Wendy (, or join now!