Andrew Marr puts best foot forward for GCT

Andrew Marr, BBC broadcaster and President of the Galapagos Conservation Trust is wearing his blue shoes in support of the Trust's 'Blue-footed Booby Day', on Friday 18 June, which is part of the wider  BBC Wildlife Fund's  Wear Wildlife to Work Day.
Andrew Marr wears his blue shoes to work2 copyrightBBC small.jpg
One of the highlights of the appeal is a live fundraising extravaganza Wild Night In on Sunday 20 June, on BBC Two from 8-10pm.

Kate Humble, supporter of the BBC Wildlife Fund and a presenter of Wild Night In, said: "I hope everyone will join in and support the BBC Wildlife Fund appeal, and celebrate the wonder of our natural world through conservation - whether it's restoring humble habitats for dormice or saving majestic species such as sharks.  "Let's all go truly wild and help bring our most vulnerable wildlife back from the brink of extinction."

Amy Coyte, Director of the BBC Wildlife Fund, said: "Never has the need to help save species and restore wild places been more urgent. Working with charities taking positive action across the globe we hope to make a real difference for wildlife."

The BBC Wildlife Fund's first live appeal programme, Saving Planet Earth, was broadcast in 2007. The appeal raised a total of just under £2 million, which has been used to help save threatened species ranging from albatrosses and Galapagos penguins to slow worms and spiders.
Other success stories include securing a vital land corridor for rare African elephants in Namibia and a programme of rabies prevention vaccinations for Ethiopian wolves. In the UK, the BBC Wildlife Fund has helped to restore the habitat of the Adonis blue butterfly in Sussex and supported an innovative survey to safeguard the future of Bechstein's bat, one of the UK's rarest mammals.

All of the money donated by the public will be used to support wildlife conservation. Money raised will be distributed via grants to UK registered charities involved in conservation work around the world and also on our doorstep.

Wildlife enthusiasts of all ages can take part in the appeal and celebrate the diversity of life on Earth. A special fundraising pack, full of ideas of how to go 'Wild for Money' at school, work or home, is available from the BBC Wildlife Fund's website Wild for Money