Darwin's Songbirds Appeal - Help us save the birds that helped Darwin change the world

We have joined up with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to launch the Darwin's Songbirds Appeal to save the birds of Galapagos that influenced Charles Darwin's revolutionary theory of evolution. So far, the response to our appeal to save endangered birds like the Floreana mockingbird and mangrove finch from threats like invasive species and habitat loss has been encouraging, and we thank those of you who have already pledged your help. If you haven't been able to pledge your support for this appeal yet, there is still time to make your contribution felt by donating via the appeal website darwinssongbirds.com.

The songbirds of Galapagos include some of the most significant species in the natural world. The groups of birds known as Darwin's finches and Galapagos mockingbirds helped Darwin shape the way that we look at ourselves and how we see the world around us.

Unfortunately, many of these species are now faced with extinction, which is why we launched the Darwin's Songbirds Appeal. To donate and to learn more about the birds, the threats and the appeal, please visit darwinssongbirds.com.