Don't miss it - Sir David Attenborough's Galapagos

Sir David Attenborough and Sky have teamed up to bring us a new three-part series in both 2D and stunning 3D celebrating the incredible wildlife and wild places of Galapagos. This is Galapagos as we have never seen it before.

The new series opened with the first episode 'Origin' on new year's day. In the second episode, we learn how a unique combination of environmental circumstances has resulted in species found nowhere else in the world. The episode features giant whale sharks and that true icon of adaptation, the marine iguana. The third and final installment 'Evolution' investigates the impact we've had in these islands and features the final footage of Galapagos conservation icon Lonesome George.

A short trailer for the series can be seen on the series' website. The site also features a gallery of pictures and videos from behind the scenes and from the programmes themselves. As an added bonus, there are also clips from the launch of the screening of the series that feature Sir David Attenborough talking about hot topics such as eco-tourism in Galapagos.